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The purpose of our association " Ateneo Latino eV " is the promotion of Latin American culture in Germany , international understanding and intercultural and international relations between Germany and Latin America. The Association pursues in detail also:


- The promotion of social, political , economic and cultural integration of immigrants into German society in the sense of multi- participation in social life , that is, speaking , preserving the cultural characteristics of the migrants and communities , particularly from the Spanish - Portuguese cultural space and promotion of intercultural exchange and dialogue.


- The promotion of international projects, particularly in development cooperation , and the promotion and support of measures and projects that support the idea of unified community of all people.


The goal of the Society is in particular satisfied by the creation of encounter , cultural and information sites as a space for their own activities and for other initiatives and groups that support the association's goals . The purpose is achieved in particular through regular meetings to exchange experiences , organization of cultural events, especially through sponsorship and by all measures, the Management Board deems necessary to carry out the purpose of the association.


For further questions or information about a possible partnership with our club, please write to us at: maru@messelateinamerika.com or olga@messelateinamerika.com



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