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Since 2010, Dr. Olga Beatriz Calero Maldonado and Ms. Maria Isabel Ernekr (Maru), better known as Olga & Maru, have been organizing a "Cultural Journey through Latin America" in the Mainz/Wiesbaden region. Through music and dance performances, fine arts and cuisine, but more importantly through the participation of many people, this event tries to show a broad overview of the countries of Latin America and to promote the inclusion of fellow Latin American citizens in German society through cultural understanding. Parallel to this, Olga & Maru organize numerous exhibits for Latin American artists in consulates and at renowned sites such as the racecourse in Frankfurt/Main. Cultural exchange is the guiding theme for Olga & Maru in all these undertakings.


In 2013, due to the positive response and the increasing appreciation of their work, Olga & Maru decided to bring the association Ateneo Latino e.V. into being along with Claudio Blasco (publisher of the German-Spanish magazine La Guia de Frankfurt/RheinMain) and Karin de Carvalho (managing partner, fame creative lab). With this initiative, they wanted to create a space mainly in the Rhine-Main region in which Latin American craftspeople and artists could present and market their work to the German public. Thus the MESSE LATEINAMERIKA – Cultural and Crafts Fair in Wiesbaden came into existence


Latin American Cultural and Crafts Fair in Wiesbaden

Due to the central location of the fair adjacent to the market square and the perfect dates at the same time as the traditional Christmas Market of Wiesbaden, a place where many visitors purchase their Christmas presents and that has regional prevalence, the MESSE LATEINAMERIKA offers the perfect platform for Latin American craftspeople, who would like to generate additional demand for their products such as crafts, clothing, accessories, furniture, ceramics, jewelry and more.  As part of the supporting events, music and dance performances, tourism offers, and Latin American specialties and drinks will ensure a great atmosphere.




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