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The Ateneo Latino e.V association in cooperation with the German-Spanish magazine La Guía de Frankfurt/RheinMain and the PR & Marketing Agency fame creative lab organizes the MESSE LATEINAMERIKA 2014, the first Latin American cultural and crafts fair in Wiesbaden.


Over a total of 1,250 m2 of floor space adjacent to the market square and in close proximity to the traditional Christmas Market, exhibitors from Latin America present their products. Delicious foods and drinks from the South American continent are also available and varied supporting events with live music and dances guarantee great entertainment. Additionally, travel agents, tour operators, tourist offices, dance academies, language schools and more have the opportunity to present themselves on site, so that visitors have the chance to experience live the colorful Latin American culture in all of its facets.


The organizing committee carefully selected the venue for the fair. It takes place in one of Germany’s wealthiest and most tradition-steeped cities, Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse, approximately 30 km from Frankfurt/Main, the financial center of Germany and Europe as well the headquarters of the ECB.  It is located in the flourishing Rhine-Main metropolitan region with a total of 5 million residents.  


Wiesbaden is the second largest city in Hesse with nearly 300,000 inhabitants and is an attractive spa location, also known as the "Nice of the north".


Wiesbaden and Rhine Main region  Map: Openstreet

Situated in the middle of the country, large national and international industrial firms and service providers along with many educational institutions are located in Wiesbaden. Furthermore it is the headquarters for the armed forces of the United States in Europe. It is estimated that every 270th inhabitant of the city is a millionaire.


The MESSE LATEINAMERIKA 2014 offers the perfect opportunity to present products such as jewelry, objects of art, ceramics, furniture, clothing, household textiles, etc. as well as tourism and education services, to establish new business contacts with potential suppliers and dealers, and to discover future trends.


In close proximity and taking place at the same time is the "Twinkling Star Market", Wiesbaden’s traditional Christmas Market, at which many visitors from the region and other countries gather in order to discover interesting and unusual gifts and decorative items for Christmas.  


These are the optimal conditions for a successful MESSE LATEINAMERIKA 2014.  


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